Fight against the abandonment of tires in the environment

The average decomposition time of a tire exceeds one hundred years, takes up a lot of space and pollutes. According to a report by the Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology, each year, about 280 million used tires are thrown away.

The main environmental consequences, if not disposed of correctly:

  • Fires. Due to their large exposed surfaces and their permeability to air flow, spontaneous combustion is a phenomenon that can occur with a certain probability if they are not stored correctly. Tire fires can burn for several days, sometimes months, emitting fumes dangerous to health.
  • Soil and water pollution. Its chemical composition contaminates the soil and surrounding waters.

Our commitment

During our environmental clean-up initiatives, we often face large quantities of tires, some of which are very old. The most significant findings by our volunteers have been made within forests.

Volunteers collect tiresA collection of discarded tires resting on the groundThree individuals wearing plastic free shirts are carefully grasping a sizable tire

From a legal standpoint, we are asking the Government:

The resources necessary for the creation of a traceability system along the entire tire supply chain up to the consumer.

tougher punishment for all those who commit the crime of abandoning tires in the environment.