From 2019, we are in action to fight plastic pollution by raising awareness among as many people as possible.

We are a non-partisan, apolitical, independent, non-profit volunteer organisation committed to concrete projects and battles to protect the planet from plastic pollution.

Our mission

We promote concrete projects with the objective of raising awareness.
From environmental clean-ups to appointments in schools, from saving sea turtles to dialogue with institutions, from battles against balloon flights to combating cigarette butt abandonment, from protecting rivers to promoting eco-sustainable events.

By 2030, our mission is to reduce the use of plastics, in particular single-use plastics, by raising awareness among 1 billion people worldwide.
We will achieve this and we will do it through active partnerships in the various territories by involving volunteer citizens, companies, media, organisations and institutions without any limits.

High Council

Scientific Board

3,883,839 Kg

of plastic and waste
removed from the environment


Cleanup appointments
put in place


Sea turtles


at birth


Sensitized students


Appointments in schools

Our vision

A world in which we will no longer see plastic ending up in the environment due to mismanagement or incivility.
A world in which awareness of the damage that plastic pollution can do will lead to more sustainable choices.
A world in which everyone will cherish the planet, recognising it as their home.
A world in which mindlessness will no longer exist and people like us will no longer have to be labelled as environmentalists.

Our thinking

We speak out against the abuse of plastic and the pollution produced by its frenetic use. We think that the real problem lies in the relationship between man and plastic, a failure. Recycling is not enough because not all plastic is recyclable and not all plastic is recycled. The only real solution is to reduce production, as soon as possible.

We are aware that, as of today, a world without plastic is utopia. We are aware that in some areas, such as the medical sector, there are still no viable alternatives. Our actions and our daily battles want to speed up this great ecological transition by engaging in an intelligent dialogue with all the actors that are part of the system.