River Eye

The presence of plastic waste in the seas and oceans is undoubtedly one of the most pressing global problems of our time, and reducing it represents one of the main challenges of the coming decades.

A German study has shown that rivers are responsible for the transport to the sea of a large amount of plastic. Some more than others, depending on their geographical location, flow, length, the territory they cross and the number of people who live along their banks.

Researchers are convinced that improving river management would be enough to drastically reduce (even by 50%) pollution.

Our commitment

High resolution cameras

A collection of photos of the cameras used in the River Eye project

We started by installing high-resolution cameras on 4 Venetian rivers to monitor floating waste and assess the best intervention strategies.

Stop barriers for waste

The next step will be to create the first stop barriers for floating waste in the most polluted rivers.

From a legal standpoint, we are asking the Government:

The necessary resources for institutions and associations to carry out concrete actions of river conservation, such as monitoring, installing barriers, cleaning the banks and managing removed waste.

Tightening the penalty for everyone who commits the crime of polluting the rivers.

Building an observatory on Italian rivers that takes care of their conservation by defining the standard of monitoring and intervention.

Promoting the development of a collaboration between public bodies that share the same river such as contracts of river and compensation systems.