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Plastic Free in schools

Our actions also expand into schools. We sensitize students to prevent further environmental disasters and transform schools into Plastic Free places. During our interventions, customized by age group, we explain the importance of loving the Planet by not polluting, of differentiated waste and of alternative choices to plastic. If the conditions are right, thanks to the support of companies and liberal donations, we are committed to buying and donating water purifiers to allow each student to fill their reusable water bottle for free, avoiding the purchase of plastic bottles.

What are the goals?


Raise awareness to prevent

against future environmental disasters objectives

Reducing the use of plastic

thanks to purification plants

The numbers in the last months:


Appointments in schools


Sensitized students

Do you represent a school? Are you a teacher?

You can contact us at to request our awareness intervention. Please note, there may not be a contact person near the school.

We have big goals to achieve

In 2024 we will continue to carry out our activities in schools to achieve:

In person, sensitize 200,000 target students
Transforming 100 schools into Plastic-free, through the installation of 100 water purification systems for consumption