Contrast to the sky release of balloons

Occurrences, parties, funerals, the balloons are increasingly used and the negative impact they have on the environment is ignored. Their release into the air not only causes harm to nature but also to animals that get trapped in the strings or mistake them for food. Balloons rank third among the most dangerous waste for seals, turtles and seabirds.

This is a much more frequent threat than one might imagine: during a research carried out by the University of Wales Swansea, in the UK, balloon pieces make up 80% of the waste found inside the stomachs of the sea turtles analyzed. It is inevitable that what flies high, comes back down.

Our commitment

We sensitize users through constant communication

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We submitted a bill to Montecitorio

Since September 2022 we ask the Italian municipalities to welcome our request for an ordinance that bans the launch into the sky

To date, the following Municipalities have joined our ordinance request: Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA), Aglientu (SS), Agropoli (SA), Agugliano (AN), Arcugnano (VI), Avola (SR), Badesi (SS), Barzana (BG), Borgo Virgilio (MN), Brugherio (MB), Caivano (NA), Calci (PI), Campo San Martino (PD), Caorle (VE), Casacanditella (CH), Cassano delle Murge (BA), Castellaneta (TA), Castro (LE), Cefalù (PA), Ceglie Messapica (BR), Ceriale (SV), Cesa (CE), Cittadella (PD), Corciano (PG), Cuceglio (TO), Cuneo, Diamante (CS), Elmas (CA), Eraclea (VE), Falciano del Massico (CE), Favara (AG), Ferrara, Forio d'Ischia (NA), Gaglianico (BI), Galluccio (CE), Gioia del Colle (BA), Isernia, Jesolo (VE), Larino (CB), Legnago (VR), Maddaloni (CE), Maenza (LT), Misterbianco (CT), Modifca (RG), Mogliano Veneto (TV), Montepaone (CZ), Monza, Mottola (TA), Olbia (SS), Parghelia (VV), Petacciato (CB), Pizzo (VV), Polia (VV), Polverigi (AN), Pomigliano d'Arco (NA), Porto Viro (RO), Prata Sannita (CE), Roccalumera (ME), San Ferdinando (RC), San Teodoro (SS), Scalea (CS), Silvi (TE), Soverato (CZ), Sperlonga (LT), Spongano (LE), Stintino (SS), Telese Terme (BN), Termoli (CB), Terre del Reno (FE), Tortora (CS), Tropea (VV), Ururi (CB), Vernole (LE), Vigasio (VR).

From a legal standpoint, we are asking the Government:

Greater attention to this product with a national ban on release in the sky, to be classified in all respects as the abandonment of waste in the environment, even if biodegradable, and a sanction for transgressors not less than 1,000.00 euros.